Have you ever wondered who helps run your club from an administrative perspective? Well, look no further. Here’s the full list of volunteers who sit on the Longy Management Committee.

You will get to know them better over the following months as we introduce them to you one by one (see previous posts on this website). There are of course many more people who give their time to the club, such as the age managers, parents, etc. A big thank you to everybody for your help!

If you have any questions to anyone in particular, please contact our secretary Mitch (click here) to obtain their best contact details.

Management Committee members

Treasurer: Mal McCormick
President: Peter Kinsey
Club Captain: Nick Hadzipasic
Chief Instructor: Justin Utteridge
Competition Captain: Zak Harrington
Vice President – Marketing & Member Services: Hamish Christie
Vice President – Member & Community Engagement: Patrick Dagassan
Vice President – Equipment & Facility management: Darryl Walker
Vice President – Community Partnerships & Merchandise: Ross Jenkins
Nippers Coordinator: Deborah Smith
Nippers Operations Coordinator Beach Activities: Euan Fisher
Deputy President: Margaret Pearson
Vice President – Building: Rob Pearson
Executive Director (1 and 2): Greg Halford, Matt Russell – Jones
Cadets Coordinator: Stuart Monday
Secretary: Mitch Francis

Further non-MC member roles

Child Protection Officer: Bernadette McAlinden
Officials Coordinator: Margaret Pearson
Registrar: Will Hardcastle
Surf Boat Captain: Matt Russell-Jones
Gear Steward: Paul Nelson
Hall Hire and Key Coordinator: Bernadette McAlinden
Long Reef SLSC Images Coordinator: Sam MacDougall
First Aid Officer: Nina Kovach
After Hours Emergency Contact: Bruce Gaal