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A Mammoth Task

Our Club, Our Home

Long Reef Patrol Season 1952/53

In the Beginning…

Long Reef Surf Life Saving Club Long Reef SLSC was founded in 1950 with 29 members and without a clubhouse. Part of a bus shelter on Pittwater Road was leased from the then Dept of Road Transport and Tramways to act as a gear shed.

Current membership is over 750 ranging from nippers to retired founding members. As a number of founding members attended or had attended the Shore School in North Sydney the school colours navy blue and white were adopted as the club colours. Long Reef SLSC can proudly boast No Lives Lost during patrol hours.

About Long Reef Beach Long Reef beach can be found on Sydneys Northern beaches. It is the northern half of the 1.8 km stretch of beach running from the base of Long Reef headland south to Dee Why Point. The beach is bracketed by an Aquatic Reserve golf course and a lagoon and wild life refuge. The beach faces the south east and picks up any east to south east swell. This makes it one of Sydneys higher energy beaches. The waves average 1.6 m being highest in the south and centre decreasing north of the Long Reef surf club owing to some protection from the outer reefs (bomboras). 

Long Reef is a relatively popular summer beach offering some protection from the summer nor Easters. In winter it is exposed and often blown out but very popular with windsurfers and kite surfers.

Long Reef SLSC Presidents


Click on each of the links below to read about the club history and club events during the period that each of the Presidents lead the elected Management Committee to manage and run Long Reef SLSC each season since 1950. This information has been researched during the winter of 2012 using the clubs annual reports, AGM minutes, committee minutes, Presidents memories, Shore School archives and the Australian War Memorial. We hope that you enjoy reading about the club’s journey since 1950 and some of the prominent people involved in shaping our club and our history.

This is just a taste of what is to come in the club history book currently being prepared for your enjoyment by Giff Brown, Tony Frost, George Metcalf and Tim Bagot. Our history is important and it shapes our future so take the time to read the stories and understand our past!

1st President Roger Court 1950-1955

2nd President Neil Jones 1955-1957

3rd President Len Connolly 1957-1961 & 1967-1969

4th President Rob Urquhart 1961-1967

5th President Giff Brown 1969-1972 (under construction)

6th James Hutchings 1972 – 1977

7th President Ross Matthews 1977-1981, 1982-1985 & 1988-1989

8th President Peter Kinsey 1981-1982

9th President George Metcalf 1985-1986

10th President Roger Pearce 1986-1988

11th President Bruce Gaal 1989-1997

12th President Rob Pearson 1997-2001, 2003-2007 (under construction)

13th President Ian Waterhouse 2001-2003

14th President Doug Lucas 2007 – 2012 (under construction)

Life Members

1960 Rob Urquhart *

1966 Warwick Connolly *

1971 Ross Tompson

1973 Alexander (Giff) Brown

1973 Jim (James) Hutchings

1982 Ross Matthews

1985 George Metcalfe

1991 Ian Waterhouse

1995 Malcolm MacCormick

1997 Peter Kinsey

2002 Bruce Gaal

2004 Peter Selosse

2005 David MacIntosh

2007 Jim Selosse

2007 Lex Brown

Long Reef SLSC Distinguished Service Members

2006 Lex Brown

2006 Robert Galmes

2006 Geoff Hayman

2006 Leigh Johnson

2006 Robert Murray *

2006 Kevin Palmisano

2006 James Selosse

2006 David Sams

2006 Mary-Ann Selosse

2007 Nigel Scozzi

2008 Kristie Thomas

2008 Douglas Lucas

2010 Stephen Cox

2012 Seamus Redmond

* Deceased.

Sydney Northern Beaches Branch Life and Distinguished Service Membership


1993 Ross Matthews Life Member

2008 David Macintosh Distinguished Service Member

2008 Peter Selosse Distinguished Service Member

2010 Doug Lucas, Distinguished Service Member


Surf Life Saving NSW Life Membership
AGM Minutes & Constitution

Long Reef SLSC Annual General Meeting Minutes

Long Reef Constitution & Bylaws:  Long Reef SLSC Constitution – Aug 2019 


Ray Van Weeren 19/2/1960 – 27/1/2007

Surf Com Surf Com this is Long Reef Patrol – ‘HBI Ray Van Weeren signing off. Surf Com I won’t be able to make the next few patrols so if you can remind my patrol I am watching. Also don’t forget to check the Oxy, chalf the date, make sure they sign on, wear their caps and oh yeah don’t forget to relax over a bit of cake.’

Long Reef Patrol, Long Reef Patrol this is Surf Com. ‘Ray thanks for your dedication, and devotion on and off patrol. You have influences and touched so many of our lives and you will never be forgotten.

This is a time for remembering, a time to honour someone who will never be forgotten. Gone from our sight but never from our memories. Gone from our touch but never from our hearts.

Written by Seamus Redmond:

On Saturday 27th January, 2007 Long Reef SLSC saw the passing of one of our truly great and well respected members. Ray Van Weeren suffered a heart attack on Sunday 21st January and unfortunately passed away. Ray touched so many of the club joining Long Reef SLSC in 2000/01 obtaining his Bronze Medallion with fellow members Will Hardcastle and Michael Feilding. He then obtained his IRB Drivers becoming the Patrol Captain of Patrol 3 in 2001/02 until his death. Ray completed a number of awards including:

  • Bronze Medallion, Silver Medallion IRB Drivers, Patrol Captains, IRB Crewman’s Certificate, SAED Defibrillator Certificate, Advanced Resuscitation Certificate, Train Small Groups and in 2006/07 his SRC and BM Instructors certificate.

Over the 5 years on patrol Ray completed 240 patrol hours, was heavily involved in the nippers movement, water safety and was an avid competitor in Sunday morning surf swims and Club Championships. His patrol Patrol 3 was nominated for patrol of the year 4 consecutive years winning Patrol of the year in 2003/04 and 2005/06. Ray also won the clubs Best Patrol member in 2003/04.

Goodbye Ray and thank you.

Rob Murray dedicated his life to teaching. Many of those teaching years were spent at Shore School and SCECGS Redlands. Rob was heavily involved in Long Reef SLSC as a club member and master. His passion for the club and its members ensured the high standards of training and education which lead to a major influx of members and a strong competition base. During this period in the late 1980’s and early 90’s Long Reef SLSC, thanks to Rob, had very strong junior’s and a well oiled Patrol Competition Team receiving accolades at the Branch and State Championships. Rob is still the longest serving Chief Instructor in the club’s history with 6 consecutive years. Rob past away in 2003 aged 49 years. His efforts and input into Long Reef SLSC will be remembered always.

Rob Urquhart – Founding Member.


Robert Urquhart one of the clubs founding members and was the clubs first Club Captain. Born in 1930 Rob or Robbie as he was known attended Shore school commencing in 1943 where he was a very keen rower and rugby player.  Rob with several of his mates many of them Shore boys and several members from Collaroy SLSC formed Long Reef SLSC in 1950. The club colours and club coat of arms were designed in a similar fashion to that of Shores and those close ties still continue to this very day. In the early days Rob’s home in Hay Street, Collaroy. Initially they used Robbies house store the clubs meagre rescue equipment until the club later rented space underneath the tramshed (later bus shed) on Pittwater Road. Long Reef SLSC has come a long way since those days. Rob continued to take an interest in Long Reef until his sudden death in November, 2006. Rob was made a life member in 1960 and filled a number of Committee roles including.

Club Captain:

1950/51, 1951,52, 1952/53, 1953/54, 1954/55 and 1956/57 (6 seasons)


1961 – 1967 (6 seasons)

Upon Robert’s death Robert had arranged through his family to donate a sum of money to the club, which assisted to purchase two rowing machines as to be used by the boat rowers with Surf Boat rowing being one of Rob’s great passions whilst a club member. As such the Fellowship has been named the Urquhart Fellowship as Rob was a man with great vision for his time and was an inspiration to so many.

David Lawson (1960’s era)

LRSLSC members were saddened by the news of the passing of Dave Lawson (Friday 29/7/2011). Dave joined the club in the 1960’s living in Collaroy. Dave was a member of the club for a number of years and was the Chief Instructor in 1963/64. Dave married his wife Robin who became involved with the club as a member of the Women’s Auxiliary assisting in the organisation of the club’s monthly functions. Following their marriage Robin and Dave moved to Queensland. Their pair were married for 41 happy and memorable years.

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