Long Reef SLSC Member Protection

Code of Conduct, Member Protection and Complaints handling at Long Reef SLSC 

Long Reef SLSC Member Protection

Code of Conduct, Member Protection and Complaints handling at Long Reef SLSC

Update for 2021-2

In relation to issues relating to member protection, child protection, member code of conduct and complaints handling Long Reef SLSC is governed by the current policies and procedures of our national governing body Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA).

SLSA Member Protection Policy 6.05 – Please Click Here

Long Reef SLSC takes Member Protection very seriously, and requests that all its Registered Members and participants who fall into any of the following groups provide a current Working with Children Check Number to be recorded and verified, to the MPIO@longreef.com and admin@longreef.com

1. All active patrolling members over the age of 18yo

2. All water safety personnel who assist where Under 18’s are participating, including after-hours and off-season training of members.

3. All age group managers and key helpers at Nippers and Cadets regardless of their child also participating or not.

4. Coaches, sweeps, training buddies, Education Trainers and Assessors 18y+

5. Shore School Masters, trainers and key helpers 18y+


Links to more SLS Member protection policy and resources

Apply for a WWCC now by clicking here

1. Click Here For Working with Children Check Requirements

2. Click Here For Working with Children Check FAQ 


Long Reef SLSC has MPIOs to provide information and advice to all Club members about the rights, responsibilities and options available to members concerning member protection, child protection, member club code of conduct and complaints handling.

Our Club’s current MPIO is Stuart Thomson He can be contacted at: MPIO@longreef.com

How Do I Become a Member?
  1. Register your membership via https://sls.com.au/join/. Long Reef Surf Club uses an online sign-up, renewal and payment system. Alternatively, you can complete a Membership Form and return this to the club with payment.
  2. Pay for your membership and other fees on the SLSA Payments Page.
  3. SLSA & SLSNSW have a duty of care to all those associated with the organisation and to the individuals and organisations to whom the SLSA Member Protection Policy applies. As a requirement of the Member Protection Policy, SLSA & SLSNSW must enquire into the background of its members. Therefore, it is important that all Members over the age of 18 years of age complete a “member protection form”. All adult members of Long Reef are required to complete a member protection declaration form. If you are a new member or have not completed this form last season and you are renewing your Long Reef Membership, you will need to go to the link below and sign the form then scan the completed form and email it to: registrar@longreef.com 

    download-the member protection form-here


    For any membership enquiries, please email our registrar, registrar@longreef.com

Membership Fees
Adult Membership (18+/Active/Active Reserve/Associate) Patrolling member with an SRC or Bronze award aged 15 years or over $150.00
Long Service Membership May be granted to members who have completed 10 years Active (patrolling) service, or 8 years Active (patrolling) service and 4 years Reserve Active service after application to management committee. May or may not patrol. $75.00
Cadet Membership (U14-U18) Members in the U14 – U18 age groups who are doing (or have) their Surf Rescue Certificate and patrolling. $125.00
Nipper Membership
1st Child $190.00
(inc. $50 parent assistance bond)
Nipper Membership
2nd Child $140
Family Membership Family Membership may be granted to any family group deemed to consist of two adults and at least two children or four or more children from any one family who are either Junior (Nipper) Under 16 (Cadet) or Under 18 members. $390.00
(inc. $50 parent assistance bond)
Sustaining Benefactor $75.00
Life Member & Distinguished Service Bronze member with at least 15 years service elected at a General or Annual General Meeting $0.00


Bronze Training Fees, Competition Fees and Gym Fees
Adult Membership Competition Fee
All competitors $160.00 (Rower)


Cadet Membership Competition Fee
Nipper Membership Competition Fee

Training Fees

Adult Membership Training Fee
Cadet Membership Training Fee
Nipper Membership Training Fee
Family Membership Training Fee $0.00





Gym Key Deposit Fee




Other Information
New Members please contact Club with Birth Certificate or Passport