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Sadly, our Nipper & Cadet program for the 2019-20 Season is now full. We wish we could take everyone! However, we have to cap numbers in each Age Group to keep the kids safe on the beach. We are unable to take any more Nipper registrations for 2019-20. Please try back next year!  

Purchase of General Long Reef Club Memberships is available at : https://shop.longreef.com/collections/memberships

You will need to Join or Renew your membership at SLS: https://sls.com.au/join/

How to Join Guide: (pdf)

Instructions to renew & pay Cadet & Nipper membership & submit ACTIVE KID VOUCHERS

Please note: There has been 4 major changes to Membership at Long Reef 2019-2020. To minimise frustration with the process please read and take note before proceeding to RENEW. 

  • ALL payments are now done through the LONG REEF ONLINE SHOP. 
  • *Every NIPPER and Under18 CADET must ALSO have a Parent/Guardian as a Long Reef Member. That means JOIN/Re-JOIN SLS and PAYMENT.  *NB. This EXCLUDES Shore School who have Teachers acting as Guardians while they are at Long Reef for Sport. 
  • ACTIVEKID vouchers can be redeemed for Cadet and Nipper Memberships at the Long Reef SHOP. 
  • If you have never RENEWED online before, you may not yet have a Members Area Account. You will need to CREATE a SLS Members Area account to renew yourself and family.  
  1. RENEW  your membership via the  SLS Members Area.If you do not already have an account, create one using  the same link.   https://members.sls.com.au/SLSA_Online/modules/login/index.php
  2. For  PAYMENT of your MEMBERSHIP  and  to SUBMIT an unused ACTIVE KIDS VOUCHER, please go to the Long Reef SLSC online Shop - MEMBERSHIPS FEES. https://shop.longreef.com/collections/memberships 

•Select the appropriate memberships ie Nipper, cadet, student, family, General parent, etc
•Enter the name of ALL children/adults in the appropriate text box.
Place the ActiveKid voucher details of your child in the text box below the Picture Icon. This includes: Full Name of the Child as found on the voucher (Nb. a middle name initial may be included on your child’s voucher, please include), The 16-digit number (no spaces or symbols) and Date of Birth. 

  • Copy the appropriate discount code for number of vouchers you intend to apply eg.
    ACTIVEKIDS100 = 1 child, ACTIVEKIDS200 = 2 children etc into the DISCOUNT CODE box. 
  • Enter Payment details and submit – the Active Kids Discount will be applied at payment. 

For registration and payment difficulties eg. 

  • are not sure you have a SLS members area account,  
  • cannot remember or retrieve your Username, 
  • want to register a sibling who has never been a member of Surf Life Saving and/or Long Reef 
  • want assistance to set up a Family group 

….please contact:  Registrar@longreef.com 

For Inquiries regarding Cadets, please contact: cadets@longreef.com
For Inquiries regarding doing your SRC or Bronze Medallion: chief.instructor@longreef.com

For a full description of each Membership Category, click here. 

8 August – 31 August 2019:
Registration open for previous LR Nippers & Cadets

2 September – 10am – 8 September 2019:
Online Registration open for NEW Nippers & Cadets

8 September 2019, 10am – 12:30pm: 
New Nipper & Cadets Meet & Greet at the Long Reef Clubhouse. Provide your Nipper & Cadet documentation to guarantee your placement.

Renew Your Membership Now – Click Here

How to Join Guide: (pdf)


Junior “Nipper” Member 5-13yrs
Junior “Cadet” Member 13-15yrs 


Active “Cadet” Member 15-18yrs 
Active 18+ Member
Reserve Active Member 
Award Member 


Associate Member
Probationary Member 
General Member
Leave/restricted Member-  


Life Member
Past active  


Outstanding Service member
Distinguished Service member

Become a Surf Life Saver

To become a Surf Life Saver at Long Reef, you need to join the club, and complete you Bronze Medallion course. You need to be at least 15 years of age, and demonstrate ability in a variety of areas.

Join the club

To join Long Reef SLSC, you will need to register via the Surf Life Saving Australia Members Area (however, new Nippers need to show proof of age in person for membership to be completed).

The next step is to pay for your membership and other fees on the Long Reef Online Shop.  Current season fees are listed below in the Membership Fees section.

How Do I Become a Member?
  1.  Register your membership via https://sls.com.au/join/. Long Reef Surf Club uses an online sign-up, renewal and payment system. Alternatively, you can complete a Membership Form and return this to the club with payment.
  2. Pay for your membership and other fees on the Long Reef Online Shop.
  3. SLSA & SLSNSW have a duty of care to all those associated with the organisation and to the individuals and organisations to whom the SLSA Member Protection Policy applies. As a requirement of the Member Protection Policy, SLSA & SLSNSW must enquire into the background of its members. Therefore, it is important that all Members over the age of 18 years of age complete a “member protection form”. All adult members of Long Reef are required to complete a member protection declaration form. If you are a new member or have not completed this form last season and you are renewing your Long Reef Membership, you will need to go to the link below and sign the form then scan the completed form and email it to: registrar@longreef.com
  4. YOU MUST COMPLETE THE MEMBER PROTECTION DECLARATION AS A CONDITION OF MEMBERSHIP AT LONG REEF SLSCDownload the formFor any membership enquiries, please email our registrar, registrar@longreef.com
Membership Fees
Adult Membership (18+/Active/Active Reserve/Associate) Patrolling member with an SRC or Bronze award aged 15 years or over $150.00
Long Service and Past Active Membership May be granted to members who have completed 10 years Active (patrolling) service, or 8 years Active (patrolling) service and 4 years Reserve Active service after application to management committee. May or may not patrol. $50.00
Cadet and Student Membership (U14-U21) Members in the U14 – U21 age groups who are doing (or have) their Surf Rescue Certificate and/or Bronze Medallion patrolling. $125.00
Nipper Membership
1st Child.  At least one parent or guardian must also be a member of the club.  A discounted Nipper Parent fee is available $40 for first parent, and $20 for the second parent.  These discounted memberships include insurance, but are not full club memberships. $190.00
(inc. $50 parent assistance bond)
Nipper Membership
2nd Child $140
Nipper Family Membership Family Membership may be granted to any family group deemed to consist of two adults and at least two children or four or more children from any one family who are either Junior (Nipper) Under 16 (Cadet) or Under 21 members.

Includes 1 x Free Training Voucher per family for the season.

(inc. $50 parent assistance bond)
Associate Membership Non-service, non-patrolling membership $200.00
Life Member & Distinguished Service Bronze member with at least 15 years service elected at a General or Annual General Meeting $0.00
Bronze Training Fees, Competition Fees and Gym Fees
Adult Membership Competition Fee
All competitors $160.00 (Rower)


Cadet Membership Competition Fee
Nipper Membership Competition Fee

Training Fees

Adult Membership Training Fee
Cadet Membership Training Fee
Nipper Membership Training Fee
Family Membership Training Fee $0.00


Gym Key Deposit Fee $50.00
Other Information
New Members please contact Club with Birth Certificate or Passport