Long Reef SLSC Membership

2020-21 Season Membership Renewals

Previous Members of Long Reef SLSC. This include Nipper & Cadet Registrations of previous members.
12 July – 21 August 2020 at 5pm

2020-21 Season New Memberships

New members and their families – including new Nipper & Cadet Registrations
8am, 9 September 2020  – until places are full.

Follow the steps below to join Long Reef SLSC. You need to PAY first to secure your place for Nippers & Cadets. Guidelines for people requesting a club transfer to join Nippers or Cadets is below. 

Join Long Reef SLSC

Three steps to renew your membership prior to the AGM – See below!


Pay first to secure your place. Register or renew your Surf Life Saving Membership and then wait for your Membership approval. Scroll down for more details. 

1. Membership Payment Online:  shop.longreef.com/collections/memberships

2. Renew your Membership: https://portal.sls.com.au

3. Wait for your Pending Membership to be approved. If you haven’t heard in about 7 days, email: registrar@longreef.com

We are a team of volunteers giving up our time. Thanks for your patience!

Step One

Pay membership fees and redeem Active Kids Vouchers (AKV)

Renew your membership fees and redeem active kid vouchers for your membership  online before August 21, 2020 5pm to secure your Long Reef Nipper or Cadet Membership.

Membership Descriptions

Apply the Active Kids Voucher Discount Code at time of payment. Long Reef will Redeem the Voucher when your Membership Request has been approved.

Request your Active Kids Voucher from Services NSW 

Honorary Members of Long Reef SLSC
Life Member, Distinguished Service, or Outstanding Service Member 

Go to step 2 and Renew via your SLS Members Area Account or Request the Registrar to send you a Membership Renewal Form – email:  registrar@longreef.com

Please make our volunteer life simpler, and make a seperate purchase of your Long Reef Merchandise. Thank you.


Payments@longreef.com if you have made an error during your payment eg. Forgot to apply Active Kids Vouchers discount code, etc.

Step Two

Renew via the SLS Portal 

You may need to create a SLS account if you have not done so before – please follow the prompts to retrieve or create your account.

Having trouble with Join/Re-join/Transfer at the SLS website, creating or retrieving your Members Area Account?

  1. The SLS Members area User guide covers most trouble shooting. 
  1. Still having trouble?
    Contact:  https://help.sls.com.au/
  1. Email: Registrar@longreef.com

Step Three

Wait for approval of your pending membership request.

Thanks for your patience while our volunteers are working hard to process 2020-21 Memberships. If you have not heard within 7 days, please email registrar@longreef.com

2020-21 Season Membership Fees


Membership Category Membership
Fee * **
Competition Fee **** Training Fee***
Nipper individual membership – 1st child
(1st or single child registration, U6-U13)
(includes $50 refundable parent duties bond*)

Nipper individual membership – 2nd child

(OR subsequent child registration, U6-U13)


(NB $50 duties bond NOT required)

Nipper Family Membership
(covers 2 parents and ALL children U6-U21)
(NB includes $50 refundable parent duties bond*)
1Complimentary BM voucher/family
Club Family Membership (covers 2 parents and children 13-21yrs ONLY) $340
(NB $50 parent duties bond NOT required)
1Complimentary BM/SRC voucher/family
Nipper & Cadet Parent
(i.e. General) membership**
$30 (each parent)


SRC or bronze

Cadet (13-15yrs) 

Active (13-18yrs) 

Active Student (18-21yrs)



SRC or bronze

Adult Member (Active, Active Reserve) $150

$160 (rowing)

$135 (other)


Bronze Medallion

Adult Member (Long Service/Past Active) $50 $160/$135


Associate (non-patrolling + non-service) $200
Life Membership & Distinguished Service No Fee $160/$135


*Parent duties bond (per family) is applicable for all Nipper enrolments. The $50 bond, which is included in Nipper membership fees, is refundable at the end of the current season if three (3) volunteer duties are completed during the season.

**Nipper or Cadet Parent “General” Membership all Nipper/families to have at least one parent as a Financial Member. This will enable all Nippers to be administered in Family Groups, and parents who assist with Nippers to be covered by SLSA insurance. If the Parent is not already an Active serving member of Long Reef a $40 membership fee is required for the 1st parent, or $60 for both.

***Training Fees to do Bronze Medallion or Surf Rescue Certificate. Includes all costs: manual, Hi-vis vest, Club cap, certificates +/- medallion, patrol uniform, floppy hat, and mask.

****Competition Fee – Includes provision of Sponsored Hi-vis vest, Club Cap, entry into all SLSA and ASRL (rowing) events.

For Inquiries regarding Cadets, please contact: cadets@longreef.com
For Inquiries regarding doing your SRC or Bronze Medallion: chief.instructor@longreef.com
For a full description of each Membership Category, click here.


Registration Timeline & Guidelines for 2020 Nippers & Cadets

Important Dates (time-line) for Nipper/Cadet Registrations 2020-21 season 

8am July 11th – 8pm August 21, 2020  

Long Reef SLSC will ACCEPT and process, if you have paid, registered, +/- transfer in progress. 

  1. Returning members from 2019-20 season. 
  2. Family members of current members 2019-20 (includes active patrollers and nippers) 
  3. Prior relationship with Long Reef SLSC (member or family member of) but not season 2019-20  


8pm August 21 2020 – 8am September 9th 2020 

Long Reef SLSC will put the following on a WAIT-LIST (with payment only) and pending availability in that child’s age -group 

  1. Returning members and their relatives (i.e. List 1) who did not register and pay before the 8pm August 21 deadline.  

NB: Long Reef SLSC will decline any new membership application that does not fit the above criteria (1-4), up until 9th September 2020, at 8am.  


8am, September 9 2020 – until places are full 

Long Reef SLSC will put the following applications for membership (secured by payment only), on a time-stamped WAIT-LIST from the 9th September 2020, at 8am, pending availability in that child’s age -group 

  1. Transfers from other Clubs who have no prior affiliation with Long Reef SLSC 
  2. New memberships who have had no prior affiliation with Long Reef SLSC  
  3. Any of the above (1-4) who did not Register between July 11 and September 9, 2020. 


Priority of Nipper/Cadet Registrations for the 2020-21 Season

Priority of Nipper/Cadet Registrations for 2020-21 season 

Long Reef SLSC will ACCEPT and process between July 11 and August 21 2020 8pmif you have paid, registered, +/- transfer in progress. 

  1. Current members from 2019-20 season. 
  1. Family memberof current members 2019-20 (includes active patrollers and nippers) 
  2. Prior relationship with Long Reef SLSC (member or family member ofbut not season 2019-20  

Long Reef SLSC will put the following on a WAIT-LIST between August 21 and September 8, 2020, and pending availability in that child’s age -group 

  1. Current members and their relative (i.e. List 1) who did not register and pay before the August 21 deadline.  


Long Reef SLSC will REJECT (with a polite apology) any new membership application that does not fit the above criteria (1-4)up until 9th September 2020, at 8am.  

Long Reef SLSC will put the following applications for membership (secured by payment only), on a time-stamped WAIT-LIST from the 9th September 2020, at 8am, pending availability in that child’s age -group 

  1. Transfers from other Clubs who have no prior affiliation with Long Reef SLSC 
  1. New memberships who have had no prior affiliation with Long Reef SLSC  
  1. Any of the above (1-4) who did not Register between July 11 and September 8, 2020 


Types of Memberships


Junior “Nipper” Member 5-13yrs
Junior “Cadet” Member 13-15yrs 


Active “Cadet” Member 15-18yrs 
Active 18+ Member
Reserve Active Member 
Award Member 


Associate Member
Probationary Member 
General Member
Leave/restricted Member


Life Member
Past active  


Outstanding Service member
Distinguished Service member

Become a Surf Life Saver

Become a Surf Life Saver

To become a Surf Life Saver at Long Reef, you need to join the club, and complete your Bronze Medallion course. You need to be at least 15 years of age, and demonstrate ability in a variety of areas.

Join the club

To join Long Reef SLSC, you will need to register via the Surf Life Saving Australia Members Area (however, new Nippers need to show proof of age in person for membership to be completed).

The next step is to pay for your membership and other fees on the Long Reef Online Shop.  Current season fees are listed below in the Membership Fees section.