The Shed is just two weeks away from use

Our temporary clubhouse ( “the Shed”) is now at the lock-up stage. A special thanks goes to Chris Diggins and Paul Heaton for their tireless efforts in getting to this stage, as well as all the club volunteers who worked tirelessly over last weekend to enable the ground to be levelled and the flooring to be installed. 

Those of you who have been to Longy over the past few weeks will have noticed the fencing around the Shed, to enclose it as a worksite. We anticipate that the fence will be removed this weekend and we will all be able to freely walk around our new temporary home.

Work will continue over the next few weeks with the plan at this stage to have Saturday the 5th December as the “go-live” date for the Shed. This is an important date as from that date our existing toilets will go off-line and those in the Shed will come on-line. 

 All going according to plan the cubicle walls between the various parts of the Shed will be constructed during this week. For example, the First Aid Room, Change Rooms, Kitchen, Office, and Gym. Construction will be led by Chris Diggins and Justin Utteridge – many thanks in advance.

The Shed will be our home for close to two seasons, so we are ensuring that it is fit for purpose during that period, and without the tireless and voluntary work of many of our club members this will not be possible. It’s the Management Committee’s intention to ensure that these members’ efforts are acknowledged by and rewarded in some form.

 We invite all club members to wander through the Shed this weekend and take a look. As you walk around, please ensure that you adhere to COVID-19 social distancing rules.

New clubhouse update –  building tender selection to be made before Christmas

We are now in the final stages for the final approval of our redevelopment by the Northern Beaches Council. Council officers are currently reviewing the tenders submitted on the 10th November 2020, with a preferred builder recommended and selected at the council meeting planned for 15th December 2020. 


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