The sun was shining and the waves were rolling in at the Nippers Annual Christmas Party on Saturday 9th of December.  The Long Reef SLSC had an action packed afternoon ready and waiting for the 420 nipper kids that were buzzing with pre-Christmas excitement.

With the drone flying overhead, the children arranged themselves to spell out the word Long Reef in the sand.  There were hoots, cheers and laughter as we attempted the Long Reef Mexican wave.

The kids hit the beach and water for races and games to take their minds off the much anticipated arrival of Santa.  Sure enough, bouncing around in the Long Reef IRB was Santa.  As Santa hit the beach, he was stormed by a swarm of Nipper kids all excited to received hi 5’s, Christmas wishes and gifts of lolly bags.

Back at the clubhouse, John the DJ was in full swing.  Mana elf, Fairy Skye and Fancee Faces were ready with their brushes and paints to turn every willing nipper into a Christmas Elf, Reindeer, Santa or Snowman.  Everyone was treated to a free sausage sizzle and the bar refreshments helped everyone to cool off.  For the remainder of the afternoon the kids used the last of their energy on the two large bouncy castles at the back of the clubhouse.  It truly is a pleasure to see the kids so happy and be part of this fantastic club.

Aaron Smith “I liked hanging out with my mates of the bouncy castle best”

Aiden Van Weeran “the bouncy houses were fun and santa came to the beach in a rubber ducky and that was my favourite”

Archie Van Weeran “I really loved the lollies from Santa, the jumping castles and having a great time with my new nipper friends”

Zac Cash “the Long Reef Mexican wave was awesome fun”

If you would like to contact the Nippers team, please send an e-mail to Deborah Smith or Euan Fisher, Nippers Coordinators at Long Reef SLSC (