This year’s Longy Christmas Party went down with a bang, literally! A massive storm front moved across the Northern Beaches just as celebrations got under way at the club.

It was a great night though!!! The Free Range Butcher lamb on a spit (see photo) was the most delicious yet. A huge thanks to them for providing. Free range meat beats grain/lot fed any day.

Also, the Nomad beer from the keg went down very well! The perfect whistle wetter during a fiery thunderstorm which didn’t dampen anyone’s enjoyment of the night.

A huge thanks to Hadzi for coordinating all the necessities of the day/night. Big thanks also go out to the clean up party Sunday morning. Chris Diggins, the Munday family (Stu, Georgia and Ange), Charlotte Barlow, Craig Phillips and Kylie, Rob and Margaret Pearson, Matt Russel-Jones. Apologies if we forgot anybody.