On Sunday 26 August, amidst the cold & overcast morning, we had a great turn out of Longy members to help marshal our section of the 2018 Pub2Pub charity race. Thank you to all who popped down and helped out:

Peter Kinsey
Dave Sams
Bruce Gaal
Will Hardcastle
Stu Munday
Georgia Munday
Angela Munday
Charlotte Barlow
Tom Quarrie
Matt Sweeting
Ella Sweeting
Patti Gallagher
Sinead Fischer
Hamish Christie
Zac Harrington
Luke Joas
Kelan Stanley
Andrew Dummett
Matt Russell-Jones
Keegan McMahon
Rob Pearson

We made $1500 for our club. Not bad for 2 hours work.

Thanks again team!