Our second week of nippers was an absolute scorcher of a day, with water activities the clear favourite of the day. 

We’re now two weeks into the Nippers Season, and we’re happy to say that the new way of working within COVID-Safe guidelines is working well.

The first week back saw a full house and Long Reef was buzzing with excitement as nippers, parents, age managers, and water safety gathered together, with a warm welcome from President Pete and our nippers co-ordinators Nooks and Dion. With revised meeting stations, each age group is working well in progressing from scheduled stations on the beach and in the water.

Last weekend, was a scorcher, to say the least. With reduced numbers, as the sweltering heat kept some families away, it was a nice opportunity for each age group to experience smaller group sessions. The water activities were a clear favourite for all age groups. The cool water temperature was a relief from the sweltering conditions, where nippers had the chance to swim out to the buoy, paddle the waves and dolphin dive their way through the waves.

U12 parents are on BBQ duty this week  

The BBQ has gone ahead for the last two weeks and we encourage everyone to stay afterward to socialise, according to social distancing rules of course. While we can’t serve alcohol just yet, you are welcome to BYO alcohol. Mountain Fresh juices are available from the BBQ stand again this year!   

Parents of U12 boys and girls, it’s your turn on the BBQ and juice bar this week. So, please put your name on the list to help. Remember, the bbq can only take place with the support of volunteers.  

Christmas is coming, and Santa will soon arrive to Long Reef beach 

We have just two sessions left before the holidays season is upon us. Our final session for the year is on Saturday 12 December. Just like every other year, we plan for Santa to greet our nippers again this year. He will travel from the North Pole to Long Reef beach via one of our trusty IRBs. 

Any questions? Please reach out to Dion nippers@longreef.com or Nooks nippers2@longreef.com

Key dates – 2020/21 Nippers season

Here’s a reminder of the season dates-  

  • Saturday 21 November – Saturday 12 December 2020.
  • Saturday 9th January – Saturday 13 March 2021.