Our current All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) has done its time and needs replacing. The Management Committee has therefore been on the look-out for a worthy replacement and is about to test the so-called Argo, an 8-wheel ATV which has proven itself in the toughest conditions. The standard SLA ATVs have a limited lifespan of 3-4 years. The Argo takes that time to 10 years or more thanks to its superior build and specific anti-corrosion treatment. It also packs more muscle, which will come in handy to tow IRBs and other vital surf lifesaving gear across the large dune in front of the club house. Despite being more expensive than other ATVs, the Argo will be cheaper to run in the long-term. Watch this space for the upcoming test run. For any questions or comments, please contact Darryl on vice.president2@longreef.com.

Darryl Walker, VP Facility & Equipment Management, vice.president2@longreef.com.