My name is Jason Partington, and I am a local to the Northern Beaches (currently live in Avalon Beach), and I am the founder of the newly launched ‘Meditation for Men’ – 30 day life skills course for men.
The course has been put together in response to the overwhelming attendance of 300+ local men at the Avalon SLSC presented by Tomorrowman ( and Gus Worland (MMM Radio) Gotchaforlife ( – preventing mens suicide.
This event was held in response to recent tragedies of local men in our region who sadly took their lives. Over 6 men suicide in Australia every single day.
This course has been designed to teach men to learn meditation as a skill and a tool  – without the religious or spiritual overtones. It’s a life re-vamp and gives men a chance to be the BEST version of themselves.
The reason for reaching out to our local surf clubs is quite simple … many of our local men see the surf club as a ‘safe place’ and this was evident at the recent turnout in response to recent tragedies. Men are suffering in silence – and this has to stop.
As such, I would like to provide you with links to all the information on the course so you can see for yourself first, and ask any questions … and then if you like what you see … then maybe you can pass onto the members in your Surf Club in the manner you see fit.
I would be more than happy to provide members of your Club with a privilege member rate for the first course in November (discount of 25% – or $200 off) as a way of reaching more people and incentive to share with more men.
I am currently working alongside Leanne from as a lead facilitator in an Over 30’s mens ‘OPEN UP’ support group – which is currently being held at the Avalon SLSC. I am a Mental health First Aid holder and have 22+ years of experience in meditation, coaching and mentoring.
Avalon SLSC has kindly offered to communicate the information to its members via the newsletter this Month.
I hope you don’t mind me sending this directly to you, and hope that you find the information sent relevant and important to share.
Thank you once again for your time in considering the information.
Kind regards

Jason Partington

Meditation for Men
+61 433 780 324
Avalon Beach, Sydney, NSW 2107