Despite late nights, Christmas parties and sore heads, the results of the Long Reef beach running team of 4 at North Cronulla beach on Saturday 15th December were pretty good.

Matt Mooney – 2nd Open male (note: the guy who came first is the current Open 2km World champion!)

Margaret Pearson – 2nd Open women (even though she’s actually much older)

Lochie Adams – 3rd Under 17 male (and hot on Matt Mooney’s heels)

Martin Mooney – results to be confirmed.

Beach running on Saturday’s at 7.30am will resume on Saturday 5 January. And a handicapped 2km run on Sunday’s at 9.30am will start in 2019 on Sunday 6 January.

The next event will be the Wanda Carnival on 19 January. It is also open to the public without their Bronze medallion or SRC. This could be for you?? Details as follows:

7.00am REPORT, 7.30am START
Tradies Men and Womens 2K Run – U14 *, U15 *, U17 * & Open *^
Open, U17 and U15 Mens and Womens 2 X 1K Relay
Tradies Male and Female 1K Run M & F – U11, U12 & U13 & Competitors with a Disability

2km/1Km Beach Run Events are also Open to Public Entry on the day of the Carnival. Enter before 7 am at Wanda clubhouse.
Events marked with ^ also receive a cheque for the prize for the winning individual/team.
Events marked with * receive Tradies beach towels as the prize for the winning individual/team.

For any questions, please contact Margaret (

Margaret Pearson, Secretary/Registrar, Long Reef SLSC,

(photo from left to right: Lochie Adams, Martin Mooney, Margaret Pearson, Matt Mooney)