The fun and famous Longy Surf Race is back starting this Sunday 22nd October! Join in to get fitter, faster, stronger, to win or just enjoy the Club camaraderie. Cadet members, young and active (or not so active or young), masters and Bronzies are encouraged to frolic together. You’ll surprise yourself how your surf swimming, skills and confidence will improve.

There will be a handicap system to keep things fair and square. It usually rewards the regular participants more than the fast and fishy. Everyone is off “scratch” i.e. zero, for their first swim/week. After that, you will have time added to you if you’re fast and finish in the top 5. Points are gained for placing and participating. He/she with the most point wins a HUGE trophy at the Annual Dinner!

This year the handicap swim will be held on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month at 9.45am. See the calendar below for dates. Meet at the Patrol tent by 9.45am, say gidday to the Lifesavers on duty and sign up with Scarlet (aka Scar). If there is plenty of interest Board, ski and beach run may be added to your get fit while having fun Sunday program. The Rules will be announced on the day (basically, the Handicapper does what he likes).

Please bring your pink hi-vis vest. Goggles and wetsuits will be allowed but avoid the eye of the Handicapper. Definitely no flippers.

Dates for your calendar are:

Surf Races Round 1: 22nd October 9.45am

Surf Races Round 2: 12th November 9.45am

Surf Races Round 3: 26th November 9.45am

Surf Races Round 4: 10th December 9.45am

Club Champs Round 1: 17th December 9.45am-12pm

Surf Races Round 5: 24th December 9.45am

Surf Races Round 6: 14th January 9.45am

Surf Races Round 7: 28th January 9.45am

Surf Races Round 8: 11th February 9.45am

Club Champs Round 2: 18th February 9.45am-12pm

Surf Races Round 9: 25th February 9.45am

Club Champs Round 3: 4th March 9.45am-12pm

Surf Races Round 10: 11th March 9.45am

Surf Races Round 11: 25th March 9.45am

Surf Races Round 12: 8th April 9.45am


For any questions, please contact the race secretaries, James Burney or Lachy Graham (


Margaret Pearson, Deputy President,