In response to the feedback we received from the recent member survey, we thought it would be good to introduce you to the different members of the Long Reef SLSC Management Committee (MC). In this post we meet Deb Smith who is the Nippers Co-ordinator РAdmin, Social and Events. Stay tuned for more MC member profiles in upcoming posts.

Best wishes, your Longy Management Committee

Deb Smith – Nippers Co-ordinator – Admin, Social and Events

“My two children joined the Long Reef Nippers program in 2015 and we all immediately fell in love with the community spirit and passion that the Age Managers and volunteers showed to all its members. Why wouldn’t we want to be part or an active, fun and energetic nippers program whilst also doing something rewarding for our children and community?

The following year my husband earned his Bronze Medallion and became the age manager for under 9 boys, whilst I stepped up as the under 7 girls age manager with two other amazing parents. We continued to form bonds with the nippers kids, parents and other like-minded members. We have also seen our two children strive to improve performance, sometimes winning flag competitions or board races, gaining confidence and building new friendships every week.

This year I accepted the committee role as Nippers Co-ordinator (Admin, Social and Events) alongside Euan Fisher (Beach and Water Co-ordinator). Now the time commitment isn’t small, but with an exceptional team of volunteers we smash out over 300 sausages per week, double as many drinks, run and record data for 16 groups of male and female nippers, throw 3 awesome parties which include, Halloween, Christmas and Presentation Day and offer a large range of quality Long Reef Clothing and Merchandise. The greatest reward is seeing the time and passion so many members give, purely to be part of the very special Long Reef SLSC family.”

To contact Deb, please drop her a line at