Fellow Long Ruffians,

Tuesday the 28th April 2020 is a milestone date in our club redevelopment. On that day the Sydney North Planning Panel, in an unanimous vote, approved the Development Application (DA).

This milestone would not have been achieved without the help of many – including our members. I would like to our Building Committee and in particular, Rob Pearson for his tireless efforts. Rob has been there from the very start some 18 years ago, when the redevelopment of our club was first discussed. I would also like to thank both Brad Hazzard – our local State Member, and Jason Falinski – our local Federal Member, who have both been incredibly supportive of Long Reef SLSC’s building development. Lastly, but by no means least, I must thank Ray Brownlee (CEO), Jorde Frangoples, Campbell Pfeiffer and Eliza Halsey of Northern Beaches Council for their assistance through the process.

We are currently working with Council officers in regards to what will be our temporary facilities for the 2020-21 Season. This temporary facility will need to be built before the dismantling of our current clubhouse. It is anticipated that this will be approximately four to six weeks prior to that commencement.

With the DA now approved, Council will shortly issue tender documents to selected contractors. We are working with the Council on the design aspects of our new clubhouse to ensure our club will be fit for purpose.

I will keep you informed as we progress through the upcoming stages. 

I know that some weeks ago I promised when that dismantling began we would have a sledgehammer party. Unfortunately because of Covid-19 and the current social distancing and large gathering rules, this may not be possible. However, watch this space as we will keep a keen eye out to see what we can do at that time. 

Keep safe and healthy and I am sure we will catch up soon. 

President Pete and your Committee