Following their 8-week training, 30 new Bronzies and 15 new SRCs (the junior version of the Bronze Medallion for < 15 year-olds) successfully completed their final assessment at Longy beach on Saturday. The final exam consisted of a dry part (focus on CPR and theory) as well as a wet part (focus on ocean and beach rescue scenarios).

A unique part of this year’s assessment was the joint Bronze Medallion and SRC assessment. They are usually assessed separately, but our club was a test case for this new approach, which went very well and could form the basis of future assessments. A number of assessors commented very positively on the large numbers of new recruits and wondered how we managed to get that many on board this year. The assessors also commented on how well the spinals had been trained.

A huge thank you to Justin and the many volunteer trainers for their time and effort. Without them it would have been impossible to train that many people and get them through the exams successfully. A big thank you also to the new recruits for joining the surf life saving movement in an active role to help make our beaches safer. Soon they will be joining one of our existing patrol teams.

If you wish to find out more about future Bronze Medallion or SRC courses, or any other further surf life saving education, please drop Justin Utteridge, our chief instructor, a line (

(Photo: the freshly certified SRCs showing off their brand new uniforms)