Last week members of the club’s Management Committee (MC) were able to put the proposed All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) through a rigorous test. The Argo Avenger is an 8-wheel drive ATV which has been described in a previous newsletter.

Build quality and durability aside, the main challenge for any ATV at Long Reef is to get the IRB and other vital surf life saving gear safely across the main dune in front of the club house, also know as Mount Longy.

The Argo conquered Mount Longy efficiently and safely, therefore passing the test and gaining the approval of the MC. It is now being fitted out with all the necessary equipment (e.g. roof bars, stretcher rack, etc.) before starting it’s service at the club this coming weekend.

Aspiring drivers will have to go through training and pass proficiency just like for the IRB. A rigorous maintenance and service schedule will also be put in place to ensure we enjoy the Argo for many years to come. For any questions or comments, please contact Darryl on

Darryl Walker, VP Facility & Equipment Management,

(photo: Nick, our club captain, driving the Argo up Mount Longy)