It’s time for Bronzies and SRC’s to complete your skills maintenance.  

It’s that time again for all Bronze Medallion (BM) and Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) holders to complete your Skills Maintenance (Proficiency Check). As we all know, there are two components to this, both the online and practical components, which need to be completed by 31 December this year.

Come on down and complete your practical proficiency assessment over the next three weeks.

We have set four days over the next three weeks for the assessment of your practical component. This is the timed run-swim-run and either a tube rescue or solo paddle beyond the break. 

Jess Ledger, Vice-Captain will be leading these assessments at Long Reef Beach on the following dates and times 

  1. Sunday 22 November, 12pm & 1pm
  2. Sunday 29 November, 12pm & 1pm
  3. Saturday 5 December, 12pm & 1pm
  4. Sunday 6 December.. 12pm & 1pm.

Complete the online assessment in your own time.

The online component is broken up into two sections; interactive online training and theory assessment questions. Please head to the members’ area of the SLS website to complete your online training. Remember, the online component needs to be done by 31st December 2020. But we recommend getting this done as early as you can.

Any questions? Please contact Jess Ledger, Club Vice-Captain at