Important information for Nippers 2020/21 season, commencing this weekend.  

We’re delighted to have 340 Nippers ready to commence the season this weekend. Led by Nooks and Dion and supported our team of Age Managers, we are operating the new Nippers season with COVID-Safe protocols in place, which alters how we operate this year. We plan to make Nippers as fun and action packed, just like every other year.

A new beach and water plan to ensure we’re COVID-Safe.
To ensure we are COVID-Safe, we have a new plan as to how we will circulate through the different activities on the water and beach. Importantly, we have a maximum of 500 people who can congregate together on the beach. If we exceed this number of 500, Long Reef Surf Life Saving Club will be liable for a fine, so we need to do all that we can to adhere to the maximum group rules so that we can keep the Nippers season in operation.

Only U6s and U9s parents only to rotate with nippers activities.
Due to maximum group restrictions of 500 people, only U6s and U9 parents will be able to stay with our nippers. For U6s, this is their first year, so we appreciate that some kids may feel more comfortable to have their parents nearby. With U9s, it’s also a big change, with the introduction of more water activities, we know that some kids like to feel reassured with parents nearby too. That is not to say you can’t stand off to the very side or on the sand dunes to observe from a distance. Think of it like any other activity where you can drop and run – they will be in very capable hands.

Start times – please be ready to go in your group at 3pm.
Nippers will start promptly at 3pm. We urge you to arrive in good time to get a parking spot and help your nippers find their age group. As per usual, age managers will station themselves with their age group flag, so Nippers and parents can find their groups.

The merchandise shop will be open from 12-3pm on Saturday.
Please ensure you pick up your pink vests, caps (you only need to obtain a new cap if your child(ren) have lost theirs), and other merchandise as early as you can BEFORE nippers starts. The closer it comes to 3pm, the more hectic the merchandise shop becomes!

The BBQ is on!
The BBQ, with sausages supplied by our partner The Free Range Butcher is on! We will also be selling Mountain Fresh juice. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and the requirement for alcohol to be consumed while being seated, we will not be serving alcohol. That doesn’t mean you can’t bring your own, but please disperse while having your sausages. We should be able to have a few over towards the new shed area.

New season dates

Here’s a reminder of the season dates-

  • Saturday 21 November – Saturday 12 December 2020.
  • Saturday 9th January – Saturday 13 March 2021.

We look forward to seeing the Nippers families this Saturday.

Any questions? Please email us at or head to