2017 / 2018 Nippers Season


Nippers will be starting pre-season board training in September 2017.

We are running ‘Introduction to Nipper Boards’ for all Under 9s in the month of September. 

This will run on each Saturday at Narrabeen Lakes. We will be posting more information via Surfguard, this web page and our Team App in the next few weeks.

For all other age groups U10s upwards, we will be offering Board Squad Training opportunities starting in September as well, then right through the season. More details will be announced in the next few weeks. 

So if you love paddling boards just for fun or want to get more skill and practise in for Nipper Carnivals this season – make sure you get involved with our board squad training this season!

Nippers will commence on Saturday, 21 October 2017 at 3:00 pm for all ages. U9 to U13 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm | U6 to U8 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding more information to the website and Team App, so please regularly check for more information!


Long Reef Nippers Team

Nippers 2017/2018 Key Dates




START: Nippers Induction Day
(compulsory for all Nippers and Parents)


Commencement of Nippers Program and HALLOWEEN PARTY


Club Championships Round 1


Handicap Points Round 1


Club Championships Round 2


Handicap Points Round 2


Club Championships Round 3


Handicap Points Round 3 and CHRISTMAS PARTY


NO NIPPERS: Holiday break   


NO NIPPERS: Holiday break


NO NIPPERS: Holiday break


NO NIPPERS: Holiday break


Recommencement of Nippers Program


Club Championships Round 4


Handicap Points Round 4


Club Championships Round 5


Handicap Points Round 5


Club Championships Round 6   


Handicap Points Round 6


END: Last Nippers Session





  1. Login to your SLSA Members Portal account: portal.sls.com.au
  2. Click the ‘Lifesaving Online’ tab.
  3. Click ‘Renew’ next to Long Reef



When you submit your renewal for an individual or Family Group, you will be prompted to make an online payment – follow the on-screen instructions.

OR to access the payment gateway at anytime, go to: bit.ly/longreefslsc



Register your family for two (2) compulsory parent duties via Sign-Up Genius: bit.ly/parentduties

Enter our Access Code to view duty options: nippers



When you submit your renewal for an individual or Family Group, you will be prompted to make an online payment – follow the on-screen instructions.

OR to access the payment gateway at anytime, go to: bit.ly/longreefslsc

Q. What activities do children do at Long Reef Nippers?

A: Our objectives are:

1. To provide a safe and fun environment for children to learn
2. Foster friendships, team spirit and fair play
3. Promote family involvement
4. To encourage children to participate in all aspects of the skills taught.

U6 and U7

In order to promote family participation, younger children (U6 and U7) are welcome as educational members of our Junior Activities section. No point score/championship days are held for these age groups and they do not compete in Carnivals. The modified beach and water activities are organised for fun and educational enjoyment. The kids in these age groups will learn basic surf safety and awareness. They will be introduced to beach flags, beach sprints and wading activities in the surf. A participation award will be given for their achievements throughout the season. These sessions go for about 1.5­hours, from 3:00pm to approx. 4:30pm on Saturdays.

U8 to U13

Nippers in these age groups participate in a friendly club internal points competition ­ where the emphasis is on learning skills and having fun with their friends. Nippers will also continue to complete the surf education learning program endorsed by SLS. U9 to U13 groups will also practice board paddling and ocean swimming around the cans. Other activities include, beach obstacle course, 1km beach run, flags and beach sprint. These sessions go for a little over 2­hours, from 2:45pm to approx. 5:00pm on Saturdays.

Q. Who runs Nippers?

A: Our Nipper program is run by volunteer parents ­ nobody gets paid to teach your children or take on an official role within the club. We rely on new parents and returning parents to help us runtheprogrameachseason. Wearealwaysinneedofparentswillingtovolunteertheirtimeto be Age Managers or to do water safety and other essential roles.

If we do not have enough parents to assist ­ we cannot run our program ­ it’s that simple! So please get involved, you do not need to be Guy Leech to do this ­ all parents can help out! You will also have a great time helping your children at the same time to enjoy the beach safely. Please email our Director of Youth: dir.youth@longreef.com to find out more information about becoming an Age Manager, or helping out with water safety or other roles we need to fill this season.

This year we require all families to complete two (2) duties over the course of the season ­ please refer to the ‘Parent Duties Sign­up Guide’ located in the ‘2016/17 Returning Nippers Registration Guide’ on our Team App (locate under ‘Documents’ tab) ­ longreef.teamapp.com or on the club website ­ www.longreef.com (go to ‘2016/17 Nippers’ tab at top of screen).

Q. When does Nippers start, and what are the days and times it runs?

A: We offer a Saturday afternoon format of Nippers at Long Reef. The first Nippers session is on Saturday, 22nd October 2016 and will be a safety induction briefing for ALL parents and Nippers. Please assemble at the clubhouse at 2.45pm for the 22nd October session.

For each Saturday thereafter, Nipper session times are as follows:

➔ U9 to U13 2.45pm to 5.00pm

➔ U6 to U8 3.00pm to 4.30pm.

Please refer to the season calendar contained in our ‘Nippers Calendar’ document on our Team App (locate under ‘Documents’ tab) ­ longreef.teamapp.com or on the club website ­ www.longreef.com (go to ‘2016/17 Nippers’ tab at top of screen).

Q. What age does my child need to be to join Nippers at Long Reef?

A: Your child must be 5­years old on or before 30 September 2016 to enrol in our Under 6 Nippers program. From there on, Nipper age groups progress from U7 to U13. Age group placement is determined on the age of your child on or before the 30 September 2016. For example, a child that is 8­years old as of 30 September this year, will be registered as a Nipper in our U9 Age Group for this season.

Please refer to our ‘Nippers Age Group ­ Eligibility’ document on our Team App for more details about age groups (locate under ‘Documents’ tab) ­ longreef.teamapp.com .

If your child turns 5­years old AFTER 30 September 2016, you may be able to enrol them after their birthday, provided there are places available in our U6 age group at the time of your request. Full season membership fees apply.

Q. How much does it cost to join?

A: Please refer to the fees schedule in our ‘2016/17 Long Reef Membership Fees’ document located on our Team App, under ‘Documents’ tab ­ longreef.teamapp.com .

Q. Does my child need to be a good swimmer to do Nippers?

A: We DO NOT teach children to swim, we assume that all children ­ particularly Nippers in U9 to U13 age groups ­ are comfortable pool swimmers.

U6 to U8 nippers will do limited water activities in Nippers, so swimming proficiency is not as critical, but some swimming ability is required. If your child is a weak swimmer, please make your Age Manager aware so that we can monitor your child during a session.

ALL children from U8 to U13 will be required to undertake and pass a preliminary skills (swim) assessment prior to the season start (refer requirements in table following). We will announce allocated dates for this testing via our Team App by early September.

Age Group Preliminary Evaluation Requirement
Under 8 25­metre swim (any stroke) 1­minute survival float
Under 9 25­metre swim (any stroke) 1­minute survival float
Under 10 25­metre swim (any stroke) 1.5­minute survival float
Under 11 50­metre swim (any stroke) 2­minute survival float
Under 12 100­metre swim (any stroke) 2­minute survival float
Q. Can I get into the water with my child during Nippers?

A: You must hold a current Bronze Medallion certification or a Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) to assist as official water safety that permits you getting into the water with your child. We encourage parents to obtain their Bronze Medallion or SRC ­ our club offers free training to parents who would like to do this as part of our Nippers Family Membership fee. Please email dir.youth@longreef.com for more information.

Q. Can my child do extra training outside of the Saturday session?

A: Yes ­ we are offering limited opportunities this year for Nippers to do additional board training before Saturday afternoon Nippers. Please check the Long Reef Team App for details and announcements regarding these opportunities.

We require volunteers to assist with water safety for these sessions, like all our activities. Please email dir.youth@longreef.com if you would like to assist with board training, or if you have any special skills that you could perhaps contribute to other training opportunities for our kids. We are always looking for new ways to add more opportunities to develop our kids.

Q. Can my child go to Nipper carnivals and compete?

A: Yes, our club encourages kids to compete at SLS carnivals if they would like to. If your child would like to compete this year, please email the dir.youth@longreef.com to discuss this further. Otherwise, we will make announcements throughout the season.

Taking nippers to carnivals also requires commitment from parents as well, to assist club officials with the logistics of set­up/pack­down of club equipment, supplying officials and assist with water safety ­ we cannot offer carnival opportunities without this support.

Q. Does Nippers get cancelled if the weather/surf is bad?

A: Generally speaking Nippers will proceed even if it is overcast or light rain. If there is any lightning/storm activity in the area, officials will cancel or stop a Nippers session. If the beach conditions are generally unpleasant (extreme cold/wind), we will usually cancel or stop a Nippers session. Sometimes however the sun will be out, it will be a clear day but the surf conditions will result in the surf being closed. If this is the case Nippers maybe restricted to beach­only or flat­water activities (conducted offsite). We will always try to notify you as soon as possible as to any weather restrictions.

Q. Do I need to stay with my child during nippers?

A: Nippers is not a creche/child­minding service. Given the potential hazards in a beach aquatic environment, you MUST remain with your child at all times during Nippers (or have another parent willing to supervise your child ­ and advise the Age Manager accordingly).

Q. How do you communicate with your members?

A: The club primarily uses ‘Team App’ to communicate with Nipper parents each week. As soon as you register your child, you should download the App to your smartphone, so you can receive all of our updates.

Download Team App from the Apple or Google Play stores, then create a Login for Team App. You will be sent an email from Team App to confirm your registration. Login to the App and search for our team ­ ‘Long Reef SLSC’ . Choose the ‘Nippers’ access group.

We will also duplicate messages sent via Team App to your registered ‘Surfguard’ email as well. Surfguard is the SLSA member database and you will be automatically added to it when you register your child.

Q. How do I get my child their Nippers uniform?

A: You can purchase uniforms and other club merchandise from our Uniform Shop, located inside the clubhouse. The uniform shop is run by parent volunteers and is open from 1.30pm to 2.30pm only on Saturdays during the season.

Our Uniform Shop will also be open on the following dates, prior to the season start :

➔ Saturday, 17th September 2016, 2.00pm­5.00pm

➔ Sunday, 18th September 2016, 10.00am­1.00pm

➔ Saturday, 24th September 2016, 2.00pm­5.00pm

➔ Saturday, 15th October 2016, 2.00pm­5.00pm.

There are some items given to Nippers at the start of the new season because they are included in our membership fees:

Age Group Uniform items inclusive of 2016/17 membership fee:
Under 8 Club Rashie Green Legionnaires Cap
Under 9 Club Rashie Green Legionnaires Cap
Under 10 Club Rashie Green Legionnaires Cap
Under 11 Pink Hi-Vis Singlet Under 12 Pink Hi-Vis Singlet Under 13 Pink Hi-Vis Singlet

All Nippers U8 to U13 are required to purchase a Long Reef Club Skull Cap , which MUST be worn each session, along with their Pink Hi­Vis singlet.

Our Uniforms pricelist for the 2016/17 season can be found on our Team App under the ‘Documents’ tab. For further information, please email merchandise@longreef.com .

Q. What child protection/safety policies do you have in place?

A: Your child’s safety is the most important aspect of Nippers at Long Reef. We have a strong desire to ensure that we do all that is possible to ensure that your child is safe at our club.

If at any stage you have any concerns as to an issue concerning child safety or wellbeing, please report the issue immediately to one of clubs the Director’s of Youth ­ Paul Kapetas or Stu Thomson.

At Long Reef SLSC, there is an expectation that all Nippers, Nipper Parents, Age Managers, Club officials and other Club members will abide by the ‘Australian Sports Fair Play Code of Conduct’ when engaged in Nipper related activities. For more information please email dir.youth@longreef.com or go to the website of the Office of Children’s Guardian ­ www.kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au .

Q. How do I get more information about Long Reef Nippers?

A: Email is the best and fastest way to get an answer to any further questions ­

You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ! @longreefnippers