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Founded in 1950 and located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Long Reef faces South East and has great waves for surfing and swimming. Since the beach is partly protected by an offshore reef, it is ideal for surf club activities.

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Who’s who in the Longy Management Committee?!

Have you ever wondered who helps run your club from an administrative perspective? Well, look no further. Here's the full list of volunteers who sit on the Longy Management Committee. You will get to know them better over the following months as we introduce them to...

Who knows the story of the Longy Courtyard tree?

Yes, who would have thought it, but there is a great story behind the (slightly) "leaning pine tree" of Longy SLSC's courtyard. Can you guess it? Do you know the details? Do you have any old photos or stories to share? What type of tree is it? Does it have a nickname?...

Introducing: Nick “Hadzi” Hadzipasic – Club Captain

We continue our series of introducing Longy's Management Committee members. This time it's Nick Hadzipasic who is Longy's Club Captain. Inroducing: Nick "Hadzi" Hadzipasic - Club Captain "Hey everyone. I’m Nick Hadzipasic, but known by most as Hadzi and I’m your Club...





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