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Founded in 1950 and located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Long Reef faces South East and has great waves for surfing and swimming. Since the beach is partly protected by an offshore reef, it is ideal for surf club activities.


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Longy Club Championships – Sunday 3 March

Club Champs, Sunday 3rd of March, 10am - 12pm. Come along and have some fun with your friends at Longy! Juniors, opens and masters. Events include: Swim, Board, Ski, Long Distance Run, Sprints, Flags For further information, please contact Zak via e-mail...

IRB driver training starting on 10 February

If you are considering to become an IRB driver, now is the time to put up your hand! The next course is about to begin. And for those new to IRBs, crew training will also be available. The pre-requisites to become an IRB driver are shown below. Training will normally...





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