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Founded in 1950 and located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Long Reef faces South East and has great waves for surfing and swimming. Since the beach is partly protected by an offshore reef, it is ideal for surf club activities.


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Details of 2018 Long Reef SLSC Christmas Party

Hey All As mentioned in a previous e-mail the 2018 Long Reef SLSC Christmas Party will be held on the 15th of December 2018. It would be fantastic to see you all there for what I'm sure will be a fun night filled with live music, a spit lamb roast with condiments, the...

Send us your best photos

Submit your best photos to Patrick (marketingvp@longreef.com) and have them published on the website and sent out via the newsletter. Please send them as a landscape format and in high resolution. We will run a competition to find the best photo of the season. Good...

Last chance: 2018/2019 proficiencies

The last SRC, Bronze and ART proficiencies are on Saturday 8th December from 1.30pm to 3.30pm! Proficiencies and completion of the e-learning module are mandatory for all patrolling members and must be completed by 31 December. There will be a run-swim-run plus a...





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